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  What is the GSBL ?

The Joint Substance Data Pool of the German Federal Government and Federal States (GSBL) is a continuously maintained, uniform collection of validated information on chemical substances, held in a central national database.
The mission of the cooperation is to provide public authorities and the general public with reliable, topical chemicals information in support of all activities to prevent and avert danger and to protect humans and the environment.
Responsibility for operating the system lays with the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Environmental Ministries of the Federal States (Länder). The cooperation was established through an administrative agreement in 1994.

What does the GSBL contain?

GSBL represents a wide range of features of chemical substances. Records contain information on physical and chemical properties, on ecotoxicological and toxicological parameters and on environmental fate. They provide descriptions of environmental hazards, health dangers, fire and other technical hazards and give information on relevant chemicals-related legislation.
The information contained is partly elaborated directly for the GSBL database by utilising the cooperation’s own resources and partly obtained from numerous external suppliers.
The technical system of GSBL comprises a number of software modules (GSBL SoftwareSuite) for advanced data processing. These modules serve for retrieving and visualising stored data and records as well as for collecting, maintaining and updating the database. Special tools are utilised for scanning submitted or incorporated data and ensuring high data quality.
The software suite is modular structured and based on a flexible technical data model. The standardised GSBL data exchange interface guarantees both, a seamless data transfer between all software modules and between the pool and its numerous data providers with their heterogeneous data models.
The current version contains information on some 51,000 pure substances, 26,000 component substances (mixtures and preparations) and 210,000 contents of relevant legislation.

Who are the Users of the GSBL?

GSBL is developed for a wide range of users. Besides the general public, GSBL is intended to be used by the following groups:
The police may use the GSBL to obtain fast and reliable information on the risks posed by dangerous goods in transport.
Fire brigades find reliable information in cases of fires involving hazardous materials or the release of such materials.
Governmental authorities of all administrative levels make use of GSBL data for enforcement activities, e.g., related to provisions of chemicals legislation, occupational safety and health requirements and the handling and disposal of hazardous materials.
The government may utilise information from GSBL for assessing and amending legislation.

A subset of the data from the entire GSBL is accessible to the public. The "GSBLpublic" is available on the Internet at In addition, the "GSBLpublic" is also involved in the eChem portal of the OECD.


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